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If you are trying hard to evaluate how to design blogs for your Insurance business, you’ve come to the right place. As a business owner, you might be confused to add a blog page to your auto insurance website. Or maybe you have decided to add a business blog to your insurance website, but you’re unaware of designing it.

To gain success in your blogs, you need to have an attractive blog section. If it is not appealing, you will end up losing your traffic. It is one of the most ignored tips in blogging.


Moreover, most people think that exciting and thrilling themes in the blog will set them at par. They are wrong because it is the simplicity of the blog that would set them different and attractive.

Ok, let me explain it! Not every visitor to your website is using the same browser. Some may use another browser where your fancy themes might not support. So making use of simple themes where your content is easily readable is the key to success.

Make sure your blog section is easy to navigate so that the readers can feel comfortable reading your blog. You should know what your visitors are looking for and try making it as simple as possible. Try not to add lots of plugins to your blog. It will make your blog section complex, and your visitors may end up leaving your website. As a result, the bounce rate would be increased. Moreover, try using the plugins that are usable and take less time to load.

Use White Background

Who said, using colorful themes would make a difference? It is not always right to use colorful themes. Selecting a blog theme with a mostly white background and black text makes a difference. As this combination is easy to read and readers more likely to stay to your website. Also, choosing easy to read fonts like Verdana or Arial can make your users satisfied.

Use Clean and Neat Theme

Now that you know many things about designing a blog to your saskatoon insurance website, but, don’t forget to add a neat and clean theme to it. Using different themes would surely distract your visitors as it might be over-crowded. Try not to use loud music to your auto insurance blog. Most of the people do not like music like this.

Navigation is the Key

Yes, navigation is the key to maintaining the visitors to your blog. Users don’t want to get puzzled while using your blog. Make sure the navigation on your insurance blog is defined clearly. Try using general keywords so that it can help your readers to find the information they are looking for. You have to decide what you want from your readers the moment they see your blog. Are they coming to your blog to see your services or to read your blogs? The design of your blog must depict what you want from your readers the moment they see your blog. Do not ask your reader’s too many options as it is not a good sign. The visitors to your blog may select to do nothing when they see too many options on your blog. In the end, they might leave your blog for another website.